The Regional: South America: (Venezuela South America )

Full country name: Republic of Venezuela Area: 912,050 sq km (355,700 sq mi) Population: 21,051,000 Capital city: Caracas People: 67% mestizo; 21% European descent; 10% African descent; 2% Indian. There are approximately 200,000 Amerindians, remnants of a number of diverse semi-nomadic hunter-gather societies. Language: Spanish is the official language, but more than 30 Amerindian languages still survive, predominantly belonging to the Arawak, Cariban and Chibcha ethnolinguistic categories. Religion: 96% Roman Catholic, 2% Protestant Government: Democracy Venezuela South America Regional.

Coordinates: 8°N 66°W  /  8°N 66°W  / 8; -66 (wikipedia)